30 January 2019
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
CIT Auditorium Information Technology, Level 2 2 Engineering Drive 4 National University of Singapore Singapore 117584

The objective of this course is to teach basic usage of PBS Professional job scheduler. You will learn basic job management such as submitting, deleting and viewing the status of jobs. Understanding about projects and quotas, writing batch scripts to submit unattended jobs.

1. Introduction to PBS Professional
2. PBS Professional Key Features and Benefits
3. PBS Professional Components and Roles
4. Job submission
a. Batch and interactive jobs
b. Writing PBS batch scripts (learning various PBS directives used in batch script)
c. Submitting batch and interactive jobs
d. Job submission options
5. Understanding Resources
a. Host wide and Job wide resources
6. Requesting resources in chunks
7. Deferring Job Execution
8. Job Management
a. List jobs
b. Learn various job states
c. Delete jobs
d. Hold jobs
9. Selective job querying
10. Projects management
a. Understanding Projects and quota
b. Submitting jobs to a specific project
c. Checking project usage and balance
11. Learning about various queues
12. Handling output and error files

1. A valid user account on NSCC system, ASPIRE1
2. Pre-installed SSH client like Putty or Moba-Xterm to connect to ASPIRE1 on user’s laptop
3. Basic understanding of Linux commands.
a. File management
b. “vi” editor
c. Using “modules” in Linux

 At the end of this course one should have a fair undertaking about PBS Pro, projects and queues configuration at NSCC, basic job management.