Application Period: 1 Nov 2023, 1000 hrs – 30 Nov 2023, 2359 hrs (GMT+8)

Notification of Results for 1st Round of Review: End-Jan 2024 (Notification will be sent via email)

Submission to HPCI Online Application System: Early-Feb 2024

Final Notification of Results: End-Feb 2024

Access to Fugaku: Apr 2024 – Mar 2025

Details of the Call:

Available Resources: RIKEN R-CCS Supercomputer Fugaku.
Computational Resources: 1M Node-Hours^ in total (or up to ~400,000 Node-Hours per project), whichever is achieved first
Storage Resources: 5TB of the local storage of Fugaku is allocated per project by default, and it can be increased if requested. The data will be retained for one month after the project ends.
The projects can also request to use the HPCI Shared Storage after they are awarded.
Number of Projects: Approval of up to a maximum of 5 projects (or 1M Node-Hours in total), whichever is achieved first
Application Period: One call per year
Validity of Project Period: Up to one year
Usage Fee: None
Submissions: The same proposal cannot be submitted by the same researcher more than once.
Announcement of Awards: The results of the project call will be announced once the screening process at NSCC and final approval by RIST is completed. (Estimated to be within 3 months after the end of the project call.)
Submission of User Report: A user report must be submitted within sixty days after the project is completed. The reports will be published in the NSCC and HPCI Portal site.

^1 Node-Hour on the Fugaku is 48 core hours


The National Supercomputing Centre Singapore (NSCC) is opening a call for proposals to access Japan’s flagship supercomputer, Fugaku, to Singapore researchers with Singapore residency status under an agreement between NSCC and the Research Organization for Information Science and Technology of Japan (RIST).

The supercomputer Fugaku is a part of Japan’s High Performance Computing Infrastructure called HPCI. Information about Fugaku and available application and software such as numerical libraries can be found in the “List of Hardware and Software Available in FY2024 Projects”.

Eligibility & Requirement


  • The Project Representative is a person who is responsible for carrying out the Project or the principal investigator or equivalent.
  • The Project Representative and members of the project must belong to a Singapore entity with Singapore residency status.
  • Persons belonging to private companies cannot be the Project Representative or members of the project, since this call targets projects for academic purposes


  • The Project must be approved by the organization representative (or a senior manager at a similar level) of the Project Representative.
  • It is prohibited to apply for the HPCI projects including Fugaku on the theme more than once except Fee-based Access Projects and Trial Access Projects. The research theme shall be different.

Refer to the Project Selection Procedures for more information on the evaluation criteria.

Application Submission

Refer to the Proposal Preparation Instructions for detailed instructions on submitting the application.

Useful Links

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] for any further questions. We look forward to your applications.