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Date of Presentation: 26 August 2019

Event: HPC-AI Competition Award Ceremony


Alvin Chiam, Senior Specialist II (Network Engineer), NSCC (Singapore)

Simon Peter Green, Technical Specialist, SingAREN

Download Presentation: NSCC-SingAREN STAR-N to Global ConnectivityTowards Securing the HPC Cloud

Date of Presentation: 8 May 2019

Event: Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) APAC Summit 2019

Speaker: Ong Guan Sin, Head of Cybersecurity, NSCC (Singapore) and Co-Chair, HPC Cloud Security WG, CSA

Download Presentation: Towards Securing the HPC Cloud

Date of Presentation: 24 April 2019

Event: SGTech “Demystifying AI & HPC” conference

Speaker: Alan Davis, Director, NSCC (Singapore)

Download Presentation: Democratization of HPC – it’s ready for everyone

Date of Presentation: 13 November 2018

Event: SC18 Dallas, Texas

Speaker: Siyuan Liu, Research Engineer, NSCC (Singapore)

Download Presentation: Unified accounting and health checking with Altair PBS Professional

Date of Presentation: 10 October 2018

Event: Cloud & Cyber Security Expo

Speaker: Ong Guan Sin, Head of Cybersecurity, NSCC (Singapore)

Download Presentation: How supercomputing and visualisation can supercharge your cybersecurity defences

Date of Presentation: 29 August 2018

Event: HPC-AI Advisory Council 2018 Perth Conference

Speaker: Jen-Chang Chen (James), Senior Research Fellow, NSCC (Singapore)

Abstract: In this talk, we will discuss the systematic approach of system benchmarks. We divide the benchmark into two parts: base and application benchmarks. Base benchmarks are the fundamental metrics to evaluate a system’s architecture. Application benchmarks, based on the top 5 scientific packages in National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC) Singapore, provide clear indicators of the computational power from the user’s perspective. The proposed approach will be the standard procedure for the evaluation of all hardware systems in NSCC Singapore. In addition, the benchmark data from systems like the Intel Xeon, AMD EPYC and IBM Power systems will be shared.

Download PresentationSystematic Benchmarking on Various CPU Platforms

Date of Presentation: 6 August 2018

Event: APAN46 Asia Pacific Research Platform (APRP) session

Speaker: Yves Poppe, Consultant, NSCC (Singapore)


The vision of NSCC is to democtratize access to supercomputing. This presentation summarizes the current state of Singapore’s efforts including the Supercomputing Facilias well as enational and international connectivity and accessibility, the open exchange and the upcoming APRP platform.  The key objective is to make the network and the access to Supercomputing and remote scientific instruments as user friendly, efficient and secure as possible to facilitate Research at the Speed of Thought.

Download PresentationAPAN46 APRP session Singapore update

Date of Presentation: 6 August 2018

Event: APAN46 Backbone Committee (BBC) Session

Speaker: Yves Poppe, Consultant, NSCC (Singapore)


The update on international R&E network connectivity and the evolution of subsea cable capacity is presented at every meeting during the Backbone Committee session and has over the years become a key source providing a snapshot of the current situation and a projection over the next one to two years.   APAN46 will be remembered s having seen the Asian R&E 100Gbps infrastructure on the verge of coming of age.

Indeed, the catalytic effect of Singapore’s  transpacific 100gbps at SC14 in New Orleans in November continues to reverberate with growing intensity and will reach its’ climax within the next 18 months.  

The  current and planned implementations of 100Gbps connectivity by Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia and Australia are remarkable and covered in this presentation as well as an update on recently announced new subsea cable projects. 

Download PresentationAuckland APAN46 subsea cable capacity update

Date of Presentation: 6 July 2018

Event: Campus Party Singapore 2018

Speaker: Prof Tan Tin Wee, Chief Executive, NSCC (Singapore)

Abstract: Tremendous growth in HPC, AI, Big Data and IoT, Factory of Future, Smart contracts and blockchain, Precision medicine etc means that need for Data Centres will continue its double digit CAGR, and they will become more and more denser, and more heat generating, and become a double digit percentage consumer of electricity.

NSCC is promoting HPC as a key driver of the digital economy. We are rapidly expanding the demand from multiple sectors from AME (Smart Factories, Design, Modeling and Simulation) to SDE (AI and big data analytics) to HBMS (Precision Medicine and Genomics) to USS (Virtual Singapore, Cooling Singapore, Climate Change, modeling multiphysics in Singapore and surrounding region).

At this cutting edge, we are most acutely aware of the need for sustainable solutions for HPC data centres, much more so than commercial data centres.. Today’s HPC is tomorrow commodity computing. What we are facing are the issues that will be multiplied a hundred to thousand fold in the commercial world tomorrow. We have a chance to become more sustainable and environmentally friendy.

Download PresentationThe Future of Supercomputing