26 July 2022
9.00am - 3.00pm
MPH Theatre 1 & 2, Innovis

Singapore’s next-generation national supercomputer has arrived!

The ASPIRE 2A changes everything with its 10 Petaflops of computing capacity, delivering an astounding eight times more power than the current national supercomputer, the ASPIRE 1.

This next-generation supercomputer augments and enables tools such as AI, deep machine learning and quantum computing โ€“ amplifying research in areas like weather and climate monitoring, genomic, engineering, offshore and marine, urban planning and biomedical science, and much more.

Visit our roadshow to get a sneak peek at the ASPIRE 2A, discover its key features and see how the new system can accelerate your research capabilities to exponential levels. You’ll also get to network with fellow members of Singapore’s HPC community and connect with potential project collaborators.

9.00am โ€“ 9.45am: Registration & Breakfast

9.45am โ€“ 9.55am: Welcome Speech
By A/Prof Tan Tin Wee, Chief Executive, NSCC

9.55am โ€“ 10.25am: ASPIRE 2A โ€“ Fulfilling the Aspirations of Singaporean Researchers
By Mr Rajesh Chhabra, Regional Sales Manager
HPC & AI โ€“ APAC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

10.25am โ€“ 11.05am NSCC Supercomputing Digital Sandbox โ€“ Democratising HPC for All
By Mr Bernard Tan, Director (Strategy, Planning & Engagement), NSCC

11.05am โ€“ 11.30am: Break

11.30am โ€“ 12.30pm Breakout Tracks

Track 1 โ€“ Technical

11.30am โ€“ 11.50am: System Architecture Design of the ASPIRE 2A System
By Mr Paul Hiew, Senior System Manager, NSCC

11.50am โ€“ 12.10pm: NUS-NSCC i4.0 Data Centre โ€“ A Tropical Supercomputing DC
By Mr Vincent Lim, Senior Facilities Manager, NSCC

12.10pm โ€“ 12.30pm: Useful System Reports and Information Available to the User in ASPIRE 2A
By Mr Ng Kheng Ghee, System Engineer, NSCC

Track 2 โ€“ Tech Lite

11.30am โ€“ 12.00pm: HPC Possibilities in the Urban Setting

By Mr Eugene Seah, Managing Director (Smart City Solutions), Surbana Jurong

12.00pm โ€“ 12.30pm: 3D Urban Tree Modelling for Environmental Studies
By Dr Like Gobeawan, Computer Scientist, A*STAR Institute of High Performance Computing

12.30pm โ€“ 1.30pm: Lunch

1.30pm โ€“ 3.00pm: Breakout Tracks

Track 1 โ€“ Technical

1.30pm โ€“ 1.50pm: HPC Software Environment in ASPIRE 2A
By Mr Chung Shin Yee, Senior HPC Analyst, NSCC

1.50pm โ€“ 2.10pm: Kubernetes Platform in ASPIRE2A System
By Mr Teguh Satria, Assistant System Manager, NSCC

2.10pm โ€“ 2.30pm Applications: Spack and Gromacs Performance
By Mr Jernej Zidar, Senior HPC Application Analyst, NSCC

2.30pm โ€“ 2.50pm: SingAREN: High Speed Network to Serve the Research and Education Community
By A/Prof Francis Lee, Associate Professor, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University

Track 2 โ€“ Tech Lite

1.30pm โ€“ 2.00pm: AMD Environmental Sustainability & Roadmap
By Mr John Hampton, Senior Director, WW Customer Field Support, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

2.00pm โ€“ 2.30pm: DCWiz: Transforming Data Center Operations and Management (O&M) with AI
By Prof Wen Yonggang, Professor and Presidentโ€™s Chair, Computer Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University

2.30pm โ€“ 3.00pm: Efficient at Scale Performance Using NVIDIA Accelerated Solutions for HPC and AI
By Dr. Gabriel Noaje, Principal Solutions Architect, NVIDIA APAC South