12 May 2023
9.00am to 1.00pm
Hybrid: NSCC & Zoom

a) Introduction to NSCC
b) About HPC
c) More about NSCC HPC cluster
d) PBS Pro (Scheduler)
e) Compilers and libraries
f) Developer tools
g) Co-processor / Accelerators
h) Environment modules
i) Applications
j) NSCC helpdesk/support
k) Q&A

a) User enrolment
b) Login to NSCC login nodes
c) Transfer files
d) Creating PBS job submission script
e) Load environment module
f) Compiling simple C Program
g) Create job submission script and submit job
h) Create job submission script for MPI

1. Laptop to use in hands-on session
2. Preferred to have basic knowledge in Linux CLI operations

At the end of the course, the user will gain a better understanding of the overall system setup of ASPIRE 2A. ASPIRE 2A account will be created for new users during the workshop and will be ready to be used after. The user will also learn how to transfer a file, compile a program, and submit it to ASPIRE 2A.