Call for Project Application

Third Call for Applications on ASPIRE 1:

Resources Allocation Period:

1 Jul 2019 – 30 Jun 2020

Application Period: 

4 Mar 2019, 1000 hrs – 5 Apr 2019, 2359 hrs
(Please note that late applications will only be considered in the next cycle)


In July 2017, the National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC) Singapore officially started allocating resources on a per-project basis for users who require resources beyond the personal quota of 50 GB storage and 100,000 CPU core hours for NSCC ASPIRE 1.

NSCC is also pleased to announce the deployment of the new [email protected] Platform. This platform is deployed in support of AI Singapore (AISG), a national programme set up in May 2017 to drive AI adoption, research and innovation in Singapore. NSCC officially starts allocating resources on a per-project basis for resources on the NSCC AI System, a system consisting of six DGX-1 nodes meant for projects that focus on AI research, with the particular novelty on scale and/or throughput breakthrough.

A call for project allocations on NSCC ASPIRE 1 and AI System will be published twice a year. The resources allocation and application period for the upcoming calls are as follows:

Resources Allocation PeriodApplication Period (Tentative)
1 Jul 2019 – 30 June 2020Third Call: March 2019
1 Jan 2020 – 30 Dec 2020Fourth Call: September 2019

The project allocations are reviewed by the Policy and Resource Allocation Committee (PRAC) and Technical Resource Allocation Committee (TRAC) with representatives from the NSCC stakeholders and AI Singapore (for the AI System), based on scientific merits and technical feasibility.

Eligibility & Requirement

  • Applicants must be from a NSCC stakeholder organisation (A*STAR, NUS, NTU and SUTD) with a valid NSCC account. If you belong to one of stakeholder organisations and do not have an account yet, please apply for one at (If you do not belong to one of the stakeholder organisations and you wish to make use of NSCC’s resources, please write to [email protected] for more information.)
  • The applicant should be the Principal Investigator (PI) or the supervisor of the project. If required, the PI may authorise a team member to submit the application on their behalf.
  • The Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for the application and management of the project resources.
  • Resources requested should be at least 50 GB of storage space and 50,000 CPU core hours.

    Please take note that member/s of accepted projects may be selected for an oral presentation or be required to do a poster presentation of their project at NSCC’s annual Supercomputing Asia (SCA) conference in Singapore. 

Resource Approval Criteria

The criteria for resource request approval include:

  • – Scientific merits of the project
  • – Quality and completeness of the application
  • – Track record of the applicant (based on deliverables achieved and resources utilisation for previously approved projects, if any.)
  • – Expected deliverables (e.g. number of patents, publications and postgraduate students etc.)

Useful References:

For any queries with regards to resources allocation, please contact us at [email protected]

If you are a non-stakeholder, please contact us at [email protected] for more information.